Sample canape menu

Savoury pastries
Local ham and spring cheddar
Mediterranean vegetable (v) (2 items)

Mushroom cups stuffed with spinach and feta (2 items)

Vietnamese rice paper rolls with dipping sauce
Peking duck (gf)
Chicken and coriander (gf)
Vegetable, noodle and mint (v) (gf)
(3 items)

Tiger prawns marinated in chilli and orange zest (gf) (3 items)

Prawn gyoza dumpling with soy dipping sauce (2 items)

Beef skewers with peanut satay sauce (2 items)

Mini melba toasts 3 ways
Chicken pate, tomato and basil bruschetta and zesty ricotta and artichoke pate (3 items)

Chicken skewers marinated in orange, oregano and sherry (2 items)

Barbequed lime calamari with kecap manis (3 items)

‘Tsukame’ Japanese style chicken meatball with soy sauce (2 items)


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